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York 2 Sided A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

York 2 Sided A-Frame Dumbbell Rack


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York 2 Sided A-Frame Dumbbell Rack - Default Title
46 in x 15.5 in x 5.5 in


Keep your dumbbells off the floor and neatly organized with the York 2 Sided A-Frame Dumbbell Rack. The rack can hold 6 pairs of Rubber Hex, Cast Iron or Chrome Dumbbells ranging from 2.5 to 30LB. The space-saving A-Frame design is a great solution for home or commercial gyms as it helps to distribute the weight and prevents tipping. Plastic guards on each dumbbell rest help to cushion the equipment and reduce noise. The York Dumbbell Rack also features plastic foot caps to protect flooring.
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A-frame design
Your dumbbells deserve to be on display. Neatly store up to 6 pairs in your home gym or commercial gym with he A-frame storage rack.
Durable Non-Slip Construction
The A-Frame design is sturdy and durable with plastic foot caps to prevent your gym flooring.
Bounce back into shape
  • Holds 6 Pairs
    The York 2 Sided A-Frame Dumbbell Rack holds up to 6 pairs of Rubber Hex, Cast Iron or Chrome Dumbbells.
  • Workout Ready
    Have your dumbbells lifted off the ground and easily accessible for your next workout. The sleek black design will compliment any gym space.
Enhance your fitness journey
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Dumbbell Rest Guards
Each dumbbell rest features plastic guards to cushion the equipment and reduce noise while loading and removing dumbbells for your workout.