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Double-Sided Medicine Ball Rack

Double-Sided Medicine Ball Rack


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Double-Sided Medicine Ball Rack - Default Title
21 in x 24 in x 70 in


Keep your medicine ball insight and always in reach in this sleek and stylish Double-Sided Medicine Ball Rack! Designed to hold medicine balls, wall balls, or slam balls with both stability and style, this stand also looks great in any home gym! Made from premium steel, this stand with a powder-coat the finish holds the ball effortlessly. It’s sturdy with non-slip feet and folds compactly for easy transport. Comes disassembled for easy shipping. Assembled size: 21″ Width  x 24″ Depth x 70″ Height Maximum individual ball diameter: 14″ Contact for shipping quote. Available for free pick-up.
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Vertical storage solution
This sturdy double-sided rack holds 10 medicine balls securely. No more clutter in your home gym, organize your exercise balls vertically, saving space and displaying beautifully.
Let's get organized
This medicine ball rack is specifically designed for the safe and easy storage of your medicine balls. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you’ll have in your home gym by having all of your medicine balls on this medicine ball rack.
Compact vertical design
Minimize space and maximize intensity–the Double-Sided Medicine Ball Rack does both. Featuring shelves on both sides, this convenient piece can be placed against a wall.
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