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Multi-Weight Storage Rack

Multi-Weight Storage Rack


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Multi-Weight Storage Rack - Default Title
38.5 in x 13 in x 7 in


This space-saving gym storage solution has three tiers and four storage posts that can store and display kettlebells, dumbbells, olympic weight plates and more! The two tiers of dumbbell storage can hold up 5 pairs of rubber dumbbells under 35 LB, or smaller quantities of larger weight dumbbells. The Multi-Weight Storage Rack is durable and sturdy, with a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. Assembled size: 36” x 54” x 18.5”.
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Multi-storage solution
Keep all of your gym gear in one place with 3-tiers of dumbbell and kettlebell shelving and 4 posts with spring collars for olympic weight plates!
Durable Construction
The Multi-Weight Storage Rack is constructed of solid durable steel with a scratch-resistant hammertone finish. It is designed with four rubber end caps to protect floors from damages. Weight capacity: 1000 lbs.
Bounce back into shape
  • Storage Shelves
    The layered rack features two shelves for storing and displaying up to 5 pairs of dumbbells, and the third top shelf for kettlebells.
  • Weight Plate Posts
    Each of the two sides feature a pair of 2” posts for olympic weight plates, with spring loaded collars included.
Space Saving Design
Keep all of your home gym equipment organised and neatly stored in one place. At 36” x 54” x 18.5”, the COREFX Multi-Weight Storage Rack holds all of your weights and gym equipment in one place, so you can have a tidy home gym ready for your next workout!
Enhance your fitness journey
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