Recovery & Mobility

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Roll out the kinks, stretch out the soreness, and get back in the game.
Recovery & Mobility
When it comes to maximizing your results in the gym proper recovery and mobility techniques are just as important as what you’re doing in the gym! Incorporating our foam rollers and massage balls into your fitness regime can help increase mobility, as well as increase your range-of-motion and stabilization. Recovery and mobility is crucial to help you squat deeper, push harder, jump higher, and increase your overall performance!
Foam rollers
Foam Rolling is a form of self-massage that allows you to apply deep pressure to certain trigger points of the body to release tightness and muscle tension for increased blood flow. Rolling out can be very beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help prevent muscle soreness, tightness, increase range of motion, and decrease the risk of injury for optimal performance.
Massage balls
Eliminate muscle knots and tension throughout your body. Our massage balls involve you using your bodyweight to control pressure and movement to targeting specific myofascial trigger points that are stiff bands of muscle fibers that are causing pain and dysfunction throughout the body. This will improve your range of motion so you can perform at your best.
  • Recovery mat
    Whether you’re just learning the basics of yoga or trying to improve your form, you can benefit from this specialized recovery mat. The alignment lines help you maintain proper posture so you can move towards greater flexibility.
  • Shaker cup
    The COREFX 16oz shaker cup comes with a stainless steel blender ball and two storage compartments allowing for easy blending and storage of all of your sports shake powders.