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Rubber Dumbbell

Rubber Dumbbell


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Rubber Dumbbell - 5 LB
8.5 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 in


Rubber Dumbbell, the reliable fitness companion that gets you through your exercises in a fun and engaging way! Experience the luxury of owning your own set of dumbbells at home. Rubber Dumbbells allow you to tone and sculpt your muscles without needing to buy expensive machines. The COREFX Rubber Dumbbell features a unique 12-sided rubber coating to stop the weight from rolling and to help protect damage to your floors. Each precision-machined handle maintains the same length across various weights and its medium-grade knurling will ensure safe grip during your lifts. (Sold Individually)
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Get pumped with our rubber dumbbell
The COREFX rubber dumbbell features a precision-machined handle that maintains the same length across various weights. This ensures a safe grip and optimal use throughout your workouts.
Shock Absorbent
For strength in mind, look no furthre than this natural rubber dumbbell. Smoothly rolling for stability, it features a 12-sided natural rubber coating to help absorb impact and protect floors when used with workout equipment.
Bounce back into shape
  • Versatile workout options
    While rubber dumbbells are great for the same standard exercises that a regular barbell provides, they can also reduce joint impact and give you a lower-back friendly workout.
  • Provide optimal results
    Dumbbells are great for a variety of exercises, whether you're looking to get in shape or build muscle. With a versatile design, you can carry them around the home without having to carry any extra weight.
Enhance your fitness journey
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Precision Machined Handle
The rubber dumbbells make it easy to add weight to your dumbbell routines. The knurling handle is designed to provide safe and comfortable grip so you can workout with confidence.