Proudly Canadian

COREFX is proud to be a Canadian industry-leading fitness brand.

With our head office located in Oakville, Ontario, we serve customers all across Canada.


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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products with cutting-edge innovations and real-world field testing. The entire line of COREFX high-performance products are strategically designed to redefine peak performance and deliver the most complete line of strength and conditioning equipment.

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COREFX as an entirety breaks away from the traditional fitness equipment. COREFX is a statement. It is a commitment to be the best. Our fitness equipment has been designed, tested and redefined with new advanced training approach to help you unleash your maximum potential.

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Whether you’re a beginner, an avid gym goer or something in between we believe that everyone has the potential to move like a top athlete. We are committed to helping you realize your full potential and increase your overall health and performance.

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COREFX strongly believes that in order for you to reach your peak performance there must be a high importance placed on education. Therefore we bring real-life sports conditioning training with new advanced methodologies in an easy-to-access manner, helping you harness your maximum potential and find your Strength From Within.

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We believe that fitness should fit with your active lifestyle and therefore we have created a line of products that are great for at home gym use, on the go, as well as fitness equipment that can be found in your local gym.

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Building a loyal relationship with our customers is our top priority. Our customer service team is both knowledgeable and passionate about helping you find specific fitness products that will meet your fitness needs, while providing you with an exceptional warranty.

Strength From Within

To match an athlete’s unbridled dedication to training COREFX has forged this synergistic
relationship between fitness equipment and education. This is the true secret to fully realize your
Strength from Within

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