Strength Training

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Strength Training
Strength training is a method of exercise specializing in the use of resisted force through the use of your own body weight to intensify your training! This resisted force using any of our medicine balls, kettlebells, sleds & harnesses, weighted vests, training sandbags, and a variety of training accessories can help induce your muscular contraction to increase bone, muscle, tendon, ligament strength and toughness. This can help with improving your joint function, bone density, metabolism, fitness and cardiac function.
Barbells, weight plates and squat racks
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    Barbell - Cerakote
    Get your lift on with our Cerakote barbell - the only thing tougher than your workout is the coating on this bad boy.
    $355.43 was $444.29
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    Barbell - Chrome
    Get ripped with our Chrome Barbell - the ultimate weapon in your fitness arsenal. Lift heavy, look good, feel great!
    $297.59 was $371.99
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    Olympic EZ Curl Bar
    Get those biceps bulging with our EZ Curl Bar! Perfect for curling up and flexing those muscles. Upgrade your workout game today.
    $90.39 was $112.99
  • York Rubber Training Bumper Plates
    Unleash your inner beast mode with our York rubber bumper plates. Perfect for heavy lifting and making your gym buddies jealous. Get yours today!
    from $39.29
  • York Rubber Training Colour Bumper Plates
    Looking to add some color to your lifting routine? Our premium bumper plates come in a rainbow of hues to make your workouts pop! 💪🌈 #FitFrenzy
    from $51.79
  • York Pro Series 204 Squat Rack
    Get your squat game on point with York Pro Series 204 Squat Rack. Sturdy, adjustable, and perfect for a home gym. Now you have no excuse not to squat!
  • York Fitness Squat Stand
    Unleash your inner beast with the York Fitness Squat Stand - the ultimate partner for a killer leg day. Let those squats do the talking!
Medicine balls
Our Medicine balls are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit every athlete’s needs. Whether you are looking for something that will hold up to your hardcore slam training or are looking to help carve out those abs, we’ve got the right solution. Using a medicine ball for training can help you build the fitness, stability and conditioning you need to reach your potential peak performance.
Male and female fitness athletes doing kettlebell swing workouts in a parking lot
The COREFX Kettlebells will take your cardio and strength gains to the next level. The kettlebell is different from a dumbbell or barbell because its weight is off center. This means that you have to engage more muscles to stabilize your body during the exercise. It’s this off-center mass that makes the kettlebell perfect for swinging exercises and ideal for functional fitness training.
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    Rubber Dumbbell
    The COREFX Rubber Dumbbell features a precision-machined handle that maintains the same length across various weights. This ensures a safe grip and op
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    Adjustable Dumbbell - 50lbs
    Elevate your workout with our 50lb adjustable dumbbell. Its compact design and easy-to-adjust weights make it the ultimate space-saving solution.
    $125.00 was $249.99
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    Adjustable Dumbbell Stand
    Say goodbye to cluttered home gyms with our Adjustable Dumbbell Stand. It's the perfect partner in crime for your gains, and your floor's new BFF.
    $99.99 was $159.99
Sled & harness
Looking to increase your speed, strength and power? With the versatility of the COREFX Push Sled, you’ll be able to deliver a variety of training effects and develop new energy systems for your fitness routine. Sled training has become a great way improve strength and athleticism without the heavy wear and tear on your body that comes from traditional forms of conditioning like run, jump and sprint training.
  • Weighted vests
    Looking to amp up your next cardio session? The COREFX weighted vests will allow for a safe and easy way to add weight to your bodyweight training routine. Our Weighted Vests will allow you to add and remove weights to suit your level of training. Weight vests are great for total-body workouts and help to strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • Fitness bench
    Behold, the ultimate multi-tasker! Our fitness bench can be your trusty spotter for bench pressing, your seat for bicep curls, your support for ab crunches, and your perch for catching your breath between sets. The perfect addition to your home gym – it's the unsung hero of your workout routine!
Strength accessories
Looking for some unique accessories to go along with your fitness equipment? Here you will find barbell landmine attachments to upgrade your home gym!