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Kettlebell Storage Rack

Kettlebell Storage Rack


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Kettlebell Storage Rack - Default Title
60 in x 9.3 in x 3.5 in


Store your kettlebells in style with this stylish painted black Kettlebell Storage Rack! Can also double as a dumbbell rack. Designed to keep your kettlebells and dumbbells on display, this free weight storage rack is sturdy, compact, and is built on a solid foundation, yet light enough to move! The Kettlebell Storage Rack is a two-tier storage solution that is perfect for a home gym or a professional training center. The shelves are constructed out of durable steel and have a grip lining on each shelf to keep your kettlebells secure. Assembled size: 47″ Width  x 25.5″ Depth x 32″ Height Individual shelf size: 47″ Width x 9″ Depth Perfect for your Kettlebells , Slam BallsDumbbells & more
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Solid steel construction
This two-tier kettlebell rack has sturdy steel construction with a grippy rubber shelf surface to keep your gear in place. This storage rack works great to store Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Dumbbells & more.
Store Your Free-Weights
Storing Kettlebells has never been easier. Rather than spilled iron on the floor, or grouping them up in obstacles for you to trip over, this Rack lifts your Kettlebells up for quick access.
Bounce back into shape
  • 2-Tier Rack
    This 2 tier rack allows you to safely store your kettlebells while keeping them organized. Each shelf features a barrier on each end to prevent kettlebells from falling off the kettlebell holder.
  • Protective Surface
    It saves space, has a classic black powder-coat finish that will never rust or chip, and will prevent damage to your kettlebell set while keeping it safely out of the way.
Heavy Duty
This heavy-duty steel weight rack serves as a sturdy stand that safely stores and organizes up to eight kettlebells of various sizes. It features a durable powder-coated finish for protection against chipping, rusting, and other damage.
Enhance your fitness journey
  • Kettlebell
    Get ready to swing into action with our premium kettlebells. The only thing they won't lift is your wallet! Fitness has never been this fun.
    from $33.99
  • Slam Ball
    Ready to take your workout to the next level? Meet Slam Ball, the medicine ball with attitude. This ball is tough, just like you.
    from $28.99
  • Medicine Ball
    Looking for a ball that won't play games with your gains? Look no further! Our medicine ball is the ultimate fitness wingman. Let's ball out!
    from $58.99
  • Rubber Dumbbell
    The COREFX Rubber Dumbbell features a precision-machined handle that maintains the same length across various weights. This ensures a safe grip and op
    from $11.79