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Training Cone Set

Training Cone Set


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Training Cone Set - Default Title
7.5 in x 7.5 in x 9 in


Avoid tripping and practice proper footwork with the COREFX Cone Set! Develop better footwork and improve your ball-handling skills with these cones. Improve your skills with these awesome training cones! Whether you’re training for rugby or football, these training cones will help you practice running patterns, hone your agility, and experiment with ball control. This The COREFX Training Cone Set is ideal for agility training. They are very durable, whether you’re playing outdoors or practicing indoors, these marker cones are guaranteed to stand up to even your toughest players!
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Train anywhere
Place the training cones in various configurations and use the different colors to indicate direction changes. This set includes 10 red and 10 grey flexible cones to assist you with any desired training drill. Plastic carrier included to take the set with you wherever you go!
Easy setup
The training cone set comes complete with a convenient carry stand so your cones are always where you need them. Best of all, the cones are easy to set up and move –so you can spend less time getting ready for practice, and more time doing drills. 20 cones included (10 red and 10 grey).
Training drills for all athletes
  • Practice like a pro
    Enjoy hours of fun with this set of training cones that can be used for learning, playing, and creating drills. These cones are perfect for warming up before a game, practicing new skills, or coming up with crazy new game ideas.
  • Durable and sturdy
    Helping you train and improve is important to us and we designed and tested these cones to help you do so! Our specially manufactured polypropylene plastic is not only durable but also flexible to resist breakage due to weather and rough play.
Top quality
Made of soft, flexible plastic for years of play, our cones will stand up to a lot of wear and tear! The high-quality training cones are economical enough to stash anywhere, yet strong enough to stay put during all your drills.
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