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Slam Ball

Slam Ball


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Slam Ball - 5 LB
9 in x 9 in x 9 in


Get a slammin’ workout anywhere with the Slam Ball from COREFX! COREFX Slam Ball is engineered to build explosive strength and mental resilience workout after workout. With an impact-absorbing core, the Slam Ball is suited for beginners to more experienced athletes. It can be used by individuals looking for some light workouts after a long day on the slopes or for more serious athletes seeking some explosive strength training! Slam balls are a form of medicine ball that can be used for athletic training for almost any sport - MMA, football, wrestling, or just general athletic training. Slam Balls can help you enhance your cardiovascular endurance, increase muscle mass and help improve hand-eye coordination. The Slam Ball is perfect for getting rid of excess energy and pent-up frustration.
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A workout that will help you release energy
The Slam Ball is used for exactly what it sounds like – slamming on the ground! The weighted inside shell prevents blowouts and bouncing. This medicine ball is ready to help you release energy during Cross Training and HIIT workouts.
Workout ready
Get fit and stay healthy with this Slam Ball by COREFX. It’s a perfect workout instrument for developing core strength, explosive power, or hand-eye coordination. With Slam Ball exercises you can easily increase muscle mass in the legs, abdomen, arms, and back in the comfort of your own home.
Slam into shape
  • Male athlete outside holding slam ball
    Ideal for all training types
    The Slam Ball is a uniquely designed exercise ball that has been specifically developed to enhance athletic performance. Intended primarily for CrossFit exercises, conditioning exercises, high-level gymnastics, MMA, wrestling, football, basketball, and general sports training. It’s also perfect for slams, ground-to-ground contacts, and more.
  • Jumping while performing a slam ball workout
    Made to endure slamming
    We made this perfect workout tool for those who want to play hard and play safe! The dense wall that makes up the outer shell around the slam balls is made to absorb intense contact over a long period of time. You will never have to worry about how hard you will have to go because this ball can withstand all.
Gripping COREFX Slam Ball
Non-slip grip surface
Not your average medicine ball, we have designed this slam ball keeping everyone in mind! It is a textured rubber ball with a weighted inner shell that’s easy to grip and prevents blowouts on slams. Whether it’s your gym or your backyard, go hard and demonstrate your strength!
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