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Reaction Ball

Reaction Ball


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Reaction Ball - Default Title
2.68 in x 2.68 in x 2.68 in


Do you want to test & hone your reaction time? Then, test it in the most exciting manner possible with the Reaction Ball from COREFX! The Reaction Ball is a great way to keep your reaction time fast and your reflexes sharp. The surface is firm to the touch but provides an elastic bounce similar to a ping pong ball. The harder you hit it, the faster it bounces back. The COREFX Reaction Ball is an excellent multi-sport training tool ideal for agility training, as it helps to develop hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Use the Reaction Ball solo, against a wall or partner up with a friend. The Reaction Ball can be paired with agility cones to provide unique cognitive reaction drills through peripheral awareness.
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Unpredictable bounce
The six-sided reaction ball can be rebounded off of any hard surfaces such as, pavement, grass, turf, dirt, and walls. Upon landing, the multi-sport training ball will bounce in an unpredictable manner. These movements will improve your speed, coordination and reaction time.
Reflex builder
Built with the latest material science, it’s the ultimate tool for athletes who want to master their craft. It has a patented design that prevents it from bouncing predictably, so athletes can train their hand-eye coordination and improve reaction time.
React fast
  • Train solo or partner up
    The Reaction Ball allows you to train solo, throwing the ball against the wall, or with a partner to create drills where the ball travels an extreme or unexpected path. Ideal for improving reflexes and hand speed, this ball is also great for training focus and concentration.
  • Improve your reaction speed
    The Reaction Ball is a sport in a six-sided sphere. Train with the Reaction Ball to prepare for any sport in a real sport situation. Athletes honing their skills to perform in baseball, softball, football, soccer, or hockey games can decrease their reaction time, improve alertness, and enhance agility by training with the Reaction Ball.
Durable construction
The Reaction Ball is the easiest and most fun way to get in a great workout. It’s perfect for warming up or cooling down, and won’t wear out with regular use. Made of 100% natural rubber and can take all of the abuse you give it without denting or falling apart.
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