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Thin Grip Speed Rope

Thin Grip Speed Rope


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Thin Grip Speed Rope - Default Title
7.5 in x 6 in x 0.5 in


Speed up your workout routine with this Thin Grip Speed Rope from your very own COREFX! The COREFX Thin Grip Speed Rope is an affordable skipping rope that does not sacrifice performance. It teaches beginners how to effectively jump rope while allowing competitive athletes to perform at optimal speed! By adding a swivel bearing in the tip of the rope, the cable won’t lose speed or shape even if your hand position or swing isn’t perfect.
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Lightweight and smooth
The Thin Grip Speed Rope uses ballistic plastic handles to house lightening speed, lightweight durable plastic bearings for effortless and controlled spin. The thin grips provide comfortable handles for your speed rope cardio workout!
Cardio anywhere
The Thin-Grip Speed Rope is lightweight and portable. This agility fitness staple can be easily stored and used in your home gym, backyard, park, or bring to the gym for a full cardio workout!
High-speed rotation
  • Versatile and functional
    Jump rope training is one of the most effective functional exercises for improving fitness and athletic performance. The versatility of jumping rope allows it to be used in many sports including boxing, MMA, tennis, basketball.
  • Home and gym use
    COREFX Skipping ropes are a great choice for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and also for anyone who wants to take control of their own health and fitness from the comfort of their Home or Gym. Jump ropes are an ideal functional training tool and can be used to enhance or complement other fitness and athletic training in any environment.
Fast rotation
Forget about buying that heavy, bulky jump rope. Our lightweight bearing will allow you to have a faster spin and double-unders. Turn your wrist force into speed with this speed rope.
Enhance your fitness journey
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