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Advanced Toner

Advanced Toner


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Advanced Toner - 4' Light, 10 LB
6.75 in x 11.5 in x 2.5 in


Stay advanced and get the best shape of your life with the Advanced Toner from COREFX!

The COREFX Advanced Toner is the latest innovation to improve your fitness. This piece of equipment will allow you to cut calories, burn fat, and tone muscles, all in the comfort of your home.

The resistance toner is suitable for women and men of all fitness levels and is useful for improving your flexibility as well as strengthening muscles. In addition, the Advanced Toner is great for preventing injuries and assisting in injury rehabilitation.

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Toning training technology
Each Advanced Toner is engineered to withstand even the most intense training session to help you increase strength and build toned, lean muscles fast. Its durable design features a premium rubber core tubing and ultra-strong safety sleeve.
Beginners & pros
The COREFX Advanced Toner is a versatile workout tool that caters to different levels of fitness freaks, from beginners to regular gym-goers, all while providing a toned and sculpted body. This advanced toner will get the job done regardless of whether you are rehabilitating or simply trying to build muscle mass!
Step up your resistance game
  • Fitness athlete with advanced toner draped over his shoulders
    Quality material
    The Advanced Toner is a well-crafted workout tool. Its durable design features a premium rubber core tubing and ultra-strong safety sleeve. The red polypropylene covering protects the premium-grade resistance tube from damage due to extreme stretching or bending.
  • Advanced toner workout anchored to a pole
    Sturdy handles
    The Advanced Toner workout equipment is for the athlete who wants to step up their game with top-quality resistance accessories. Strong and durable, these handles will provide safety, durability, and function that meets the needs of any athlete.
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Advanced Toner on adjustable step
Complements other equipment
Make your workout routines more effective and more fun when you add the innovative COREFX bands to your favorite fitness equipment. They fit securely around the handles and can also be combined with other tubes for a total body resistance workout in seconds.