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Double Under Speed Rope

Double Under Speed Rope


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Double Under Speed Rope - Default Title
7.5 in x 6 in x 1 in


Imagine an ergonomic rope that is more durable, doubles the performance, and lasts longer. Well, here it is! With a new design and a rope that performs better than the rest, you will be the talk of the gym. Our Double Under Speed Rope is designed to match your workout, not get in the way of it. Every detail was considered during development—from the grip diameter and material to the hardware The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope can be adapted to meet all of your fitness goals! This skipping rope is perfect for the beginner who is just getting started and for the advanced athlete who is wanting to challenge themselves to build muscle endurance!
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Improved cardio
From the steel cable to the rotating rods, the Double Under Speed Rope will enhance the effectiveness of each cardio workout with ease and will provide you with an incredible workout!
Supersonic speed
The Double Under Speed Rope from COREFX is designed to train you to go faster than ever before! The ergonomic design and high-quality materials of this rope, let you work out more effectively so you can double your speed and beat your personal best in no time!
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  • Complete control
    The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope helps you get the reps and practice you need to improve your double under. The ropes are weighted just enough to feel each full rotation and hold their momentum as they unwind so you can increase your tempo and reps with every hand-over-hand cycle.
  • For beginners & pros
    This rope is a great tool for accelerating your workout to a whole new level. Skipping is a perfect exercise for both beginners and intermediate athletes while allowing for a full range of motion.
Adjustable length
Let go of the fixed ropes and the fixed length, and let COREFX Double Under Speed Rope be your new fat-burning partner. This rope’s innovative design enables you to adjust its length by simply removing the clips.
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