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Adjustable Dumbbell - 50lbs

Adjustable Dumbbell - 50lbs


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Adjustable Dumbbell - 50lbs - Default Title
19 in x 10 in x 12 in


Give your workouts a little extra oomph with this great 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbell!

You’ll never look for an excuse to skip your workout with some 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbells in your home gym! With a quick turn of the dial, you can change your resistance by 5 lb increments (up to 50 lb) and be ready for your next set. A great solution for your home gym strength program and a space saver!

*Sold individually*

Store and display anywhere in your house with our Adjustable Dumbbell Stand. (Sold Separately)

Other weights available: 25 lb Adjustable Dumbbells, 70 lb Adjustable Dumbbells.

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Home workouts redefined
The 50lb Adjustable Dumbbell is the ultimate solution to your home workouts. Change your resistance in 5lb increments with the Dialtech dial system and start performing various exercises in an efficient and time saving manner. Weights range from 5 to 50 lbs.
Quality Build
With a sleek and modern design, the Adjustable Dumbbell is a timeless addition to every home. The heavy-duty dumbbell is covered in durable molding for a smooth lift in between sets, and an overall less noisy workout.
The home gym solution
  • Home Workout Tool
    The Adjustable Dumbbell is the ultimate solution to your home workouts. Perfect for toning and sculpting many different muscle groups, while providing different weight levels so you can constantly change the weight to suit your specific needs throughout your workout.
  • Adjustable Design
    We’ve taken the hassle out of owning 10 different dumbbells by creating one adjustable dumbbell that adjusts safely through 5 lb increments, all the way up to 50 lbs. Now you can quickly work through your supersets.
Enhance your fitness journey
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    Adjustable Dumbbell Stand
    Say goodbye to cluttered home gyms with our Adjustable Dumbbell Stand. It's the perfect partner in crime for your gains, and your floor's new BFF.
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    The COREFX Rubber Dumbbell features a precision-machined handle that maintains the same length across various weights. This ensures a safe grip and op
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100% Safety Ensured
The Adjustable Dumbbell is designed for one thing… getting stronger. With the safety interlock catch, you cannot accidentally remove the weight plates, so you will always have enough weight to progress with your workout.