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Adjustable Dumbbell Stand

Adjustable Dumbbell Stand


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Adjustable Dumbbell Stand - Default Title
28 in x 19 in x 8 in


Keep your weight room organized and neat with this Adjustable Dumbbell Stand. The COREFX Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is the perfect way to hold and display your amazing Adjustable Dumbbells. Designed specifically to support our Adjustable Dumbbells, this ergonomic design reduces the need to bend down and pick up your heavy weights. Our dumbbell stand has lockable wheels for easy storage and movement around the house or office. With it’s small footprint, it’s perfect for any workout environment. A sophisticated addition to your home gym. The sturdy steel unit easily holds a pair of 25LB, 50LB or 70LB Adjustable Dumbbells, keeping them well protected as you exercise. 
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Space-saving sorcery
Say goodbye to gym clutter! Our stand gives your dumbbells a sleek home, keeping your weights off the floor and your workout space tidy and organized.
Ergonomic design
Say goodbye to constant bending down to pick up your heavy weights. Our stand elevates your dumbbells to a comfortable height, reducing strain on your back and joints during your workout sessions.
Home gym ready
  • Easy maneuverability
    Features wheels to easily move the stand around and locks to keep in place when in use.
  • High-quality construction
    Constructed of robust steel to provide stability and security during workouts.
Enhance your fitness journey
  • Sale
    Adjustable Dumbbell - 50lbs
    Elevate your workout with our 50lb adjustable dumbbell. Its compact design and easy-to-adjust weights make it the ultimate space-saving solution.
    $125.00 was $249.99
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