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Adjustable Dumbbell Stand

Keep your weight room organized and neat with this Adjustable Dumbbell Stand. The COREFX Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is the perfect way to hold and display your amazing Adjustable Dumbbells.  Designed specifically to support our Adjustable Dumbbells, this ergonomic design reduces the need to bend down and pick up your heavy weights.  Our dumbbell stand has wheels for easy storage and movement around the house or office.  With it’s small footprint, it’s perfect for any environment. A sophisticated addition to your home gym. The unit features a generous, padded upholstery that easily holds two dumbbells, keeping them well protected as you exercise. Perfect to pair with: Adjustable Dumbbells
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The COREFX Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is the perfect solution to save space in your home gym. Constructed of premium materials, designed to hold and display our Adjustable Dumbbells.
The Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is an easy-to-assemble storage rack for your dumbbells. It’s designed to conveniently fit in any corner or nook of the living room that saves space.
Dumbbells on stand
Keep Your
Dumbbells Organized
Make sure your dumbbells are always nearby. Work safely without losing balance. You can now have a safer and more comfortable workout at home, as well as at the gym.
The Adjustable Dumbbell Stand makes for a convenient addition to your COREFX home gym. Its sturdy steel construction will ensure it meets the demands of countless re-racking of your adjustable dumbbells.


to Move Around

Adjustable Dumbbell Stand features wheels to easily move the stand anywhere you, please. Also locks to ensure it stays in place once you find it a home. With its small footprint, you’ll be able to utilize all your home gym space!
Adjustable Dumbbell Stand Wheel

Additional information

Weight 11.37 lb
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 8 in

The COREFX Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is a great solution to get your Adjustable Dumbbells off the ground to help reduce the risk of back pain from having to constantly lift from the ground.

The Adjustable Dumbbell Stand will bring your weights up to just the right height so you're always ready for your next lift.

With more than 10 years of experience, COREFX isn't just a brand that manufactures fitness equipment. It also helps people to improve their health and fitness.

COREFX's workout equipment combines fitness elements with lifestyle features. COREFX specializes in fitness equipment for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can get the body you've always wanted.

Our Adjustable Dumbbell Stand is designed to help you feel organized, neat, and tidy. Grab yours now!


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