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Resistance Loop Sleeve

Resistance Loop Sleeve


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Resistance Loop Sleeve - Default Title
13 in x 4 in x 1.5 in


Your resistance loop band training just got easier! The COREFX Resistance Loop Sleeve pairs nicely with the COREFX Pro Loops or any other 2” wide band. The loop sleeve keeps your loops from rolling, pinching, and slipping out of place. Now you can keep your focus on the workout and push your gains to the next level. * Loops and Bands sold separately.
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Keep your loop in place
With the COREFX Resistance Loop Sleeves, you can ensure your bands will not roll out of place. Now go ahead and tackle those resisted band squats, kickbacks and glute bridges and get pumped for your next workout!
Level up
The resistance loop sleeve will always keep your loops in place. Go ahead and level up your workout without the worry of readjusting your bands due to roll-up. The COREFX Resistance loop Sleeve is designed to keep your bands in place around your legs.
Protect & secure
  • Third-party compatibility
    The COREFX Resistance Loop Sleeve was made to pair up with the COREFX Pro Loops or any 2in wide resistance loops.
  • Padded & breathable
    Made from a 100% Nylon with an inner padded and breathable mesh construction, the COREFX Resistance Loop Sleeve is built to last. The sleeve is washable and will also protect your bands from the elements and will help reduce band break and tearing.
Get in the loop
  • Pro Loops
    Get a full-body workout anytime, anywhere with Pro Loops resistance bands. No gym, no problem. They're portable, versatile, and ready to go!
    from $8.99
  • Mini Band Set
    Get fit on-the-go with our mini band set! With these bands, you'll have no excuses for missing a workout - they're easy to pack and will kick your but
Comfortable workouts
The COREFX Resistance Loop Sleeve has been designed to stop your mini bands, hip circles and resistance loops from rolling up and moving out of place while performing your banded exercises. With two Loop Sleeves included (one for either side of your legs), your band workouts will be more comfortable and secure! Each sleeve is 10in Long x 3in Wide.