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Normatec 3 Full Body

Normatec 3 Full Body


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Normatec 3 Full Body - Standard Set


Normatec 3 is the next evolution of the iconic Normatec series by Hyperice. The Normatec 3 uses dynamic air compression to advance your wellness, recover faster, improve your training, and maximize your performance. The patented precision pulse technology helps to increase circulation, revive muscles, and reduce swelling and has long been the choice of elite athletes and consumers throughout the globe. Normatec 3 Full Body includes the Normatec 3 control unit, leg attachments (pair), hip attachment, and arm attachments (pair).
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Full body rejuvenation
Normatec’s compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber. All attachments include premium materials and overlapping zones for gapless compression
Ultimate massage experience
Warm-up and recover like never before. The Normatec 3 uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that helps you feel refreshed faster. 7 levels of compression, ZoneBoost™ technology and our patented Pulse technology deliver precise treatment to 5 overlapping zones in the legs and arms and 2 overlapping zones in the hips.
Explore Normatec 3 Full Body
  • Intuitive, refreshed design
    The refreshed system design features an intuitive interface, reduced weight, and the ability to unlock next-level features and customization through the Bluetooth® connected Hyperice App. Simply zip in and power up the most advanced dynamic air compression system on the planet.
  • Backed by science, used by the best
    Designed by an MD, PhD, Normatec is the original, most tested, and most scientifically backed dynamic air compression system on the market. Designed to provide improved mobility and profound restorative healing results, Normatec has long been the most trusted system by the world’s top athletes and consumers everywhere looking to advance their wellness.
What's included
The actual device, 2 leg attachments, 2 arm attachments, hip attachment, power supply, and hose.
Details & Specifications
Weight: 3.2 lbs control unit.
Attachments: 2 Leg, 2 Arm, 1 Hip attachment.
Battery: Up to 3 hrs.
ZoneBoost™ technology: Provides extra time and pressure in a particular zone.
Compression levels: 7 levels.
Bluetooth®: Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App.
Control unit dimensions: 4 x 4.5 x 8.5 in.
TSA approved: Approved by TSA for carry-on.
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