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Normatec Go

Normatec Go


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Normatec Go - Default Title
16 in x 11 in x 7 in


World-renowned Normatec by Hyperice now comes in a portable format for relief from pain on the run. Normatec Go includes a pair of slips that wrap around your calves to flush-out and rejuvenate your lower body anywhere, anytime. The targeted dynamic air compression calf massage s scientifically proven to significantly reduce inflammation and increase circulation throughout your body. Features HyperSync™ technology that synchronizes the set of wearables to provide a symmetrical massage with 3 zones of 360 degree gapless compression.
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Massage with air, anywhere
Bring targeted, on-the-go massage for revitalized legs. Built on the same scientific principles as the renowned Normatec system, this portable option provides dynamic air compression specifically designed for the calf muscles. Say hello to fresh legs, anytime, anywhere.
Normatec on the go
Everything you love about the original Normatec recovery line is now available in a fully portable and mobile system! These lightweight wearables feature new intuitive user controls to help you keep moving and are TSA approved. They are hoseless with no separate control unit – Normatec Go gives you a dynamic air compression massage while standing, on the move or relaxing.
Explore Normatec Go
  • Targeted calf compression
    Normatec Go is designed specifically to rejuvenate your lower body through your calf muscles. The calf muscle is often considered the second heart as it plays an important role within the circulatory system of the body. Targeted dynamic air compression massage to the calves is scientifically proven to increase circulation throughout the lower body and significantly reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Revolutionary technology
    Normatec Go features Hyperice's revolutionary HyperSync™ technology which synchronizes the pair of wearables to provide an even massage. With three zones of overlapping gapless 360-degree compression, seven levels of customizable compression, and Bluetooth® enabled controls via the Hyperice App – Normatec Go is the most innovative portable dynamic air compression system on the market.
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What's included
The actual device (2 wearables), Power supply, and 2 USB-C chargers to connect to a dual port wall charger.