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Peanut Foam Massage Roller

Peanut Foam Massage Roller


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Peanut Foam Massage Roller - Default Title
9 in x 5 in x 5 in


Treat yourself to a deep and invigorating massage at home with this Peanut Foam Massage Roller from COREFX! The Peanut Foam Massage Roller helps reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points for an increased sense of wellness and body awareness with daily fascia massage. A great tool for correcting your posture, as it targets the muscles on either side of the spine and really gets into your intervertebral spaces.
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Essential recovery tool
The COREFX Peanut Foam Massage Roller is designed to help relax your muscles, ease soreness and stiffness and assist rehabilitation. Use the Peanut Roller on your hamstrings, pectorals, rotator cuffs, and much more!
High density EVA foam
Using the EVA foam roller, you can self-massage and rid your body of lactic acid. Built to withstand many recovery sessions and recover muscle after muscle. Whether you suffer from muscle pain or you just want to stay fit and healthy, this recovery tool is perfect for you.
Roll away worries
  • Prevent muscle injury
    This foam roller provides the ideal balance of cushioning and support to relieve tight muscles, improve range of motion, and prevent injury. Beginners and professionals will equally benefit from using this roller.
  • Increase blood circulation
    The self-myofascial release technique achieved with a foam roller can promote blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing nutrients to reach the cells, helping heal, relieve pain, or increase performance.
Fast recovery
A COREFX Peanut Foam Massage Roller is perfect for stretching out sore muscles on a daily basis. By using high-density foam, it reduces recovery time for injuries and breaks up fatigue and tightness.
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