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High Density Foam Roller

High Density Foam Roller


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High Density Foam Roller - Default Title
35 in x 6 in x 6 in


Roll your way to a healthier, fitter you! Introducing our High Density Foam Roller that helps improve your circulation, flexibility, and blood flow! It supports and stretches the muscles and tendons of your back, legs, neck, IT-Band, and shoulders gently yet effectively! The COREFX High Density Foam Roller features premium foam that provides both firmness and durability retaining shape after repetitive use. This Foam Roller is ideal for myofascial release for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, and other all other exercise activities. The High-Density Foam Roller is also perfect balance, muscle posture re-education, spinal stabilization, and other strengthening and range of motion exercises. In addition, this roller is a great tool for physical therapy, yoga, exercising and stretching. Available in 36″ length, x 6″ diameter.
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Speed up recovery
Handle the high-use demands of sports training, pilates, fitness and physical therapy. After a workout, use this roller to give yourself a deep tissue massage, slowly rolling over various muscle areas. You’ll break up tissue, and speed up workout recovery.
Reduce injury
If you’re looking for a way to stretch out those sore muscles as you go about your day, reach for the COREFX High Density Foam Roller. This foam roller is designed with high-density foam that helps reduce injury recovery time and aids in breaking up fatigue and tightness.
Roll with it
  • Durable construction
    COREFX’s durable construction combines a molded high-density eco-friendly EPP foam roller with a smooth surface that will not lose its shape after heavy use. Contoured to support your weight, this roller is ready for any workout, and the smooth surface repels sweat and liquids.
  • Increase circulation
    Self-myofascial release techniques using our foam roller are so effective at promoting blood and lymphatic flow around the body, allowing nutrients to be delivered through your cells to promote recovery, relieve pain, or enhance performance.
Eliminate those knots and tension from the back, shoulders, legs, and arms with this COREFX High Density Foam Roller. Our roller is built to endure years of hard use in high-use classes or home gym recovery sessions.
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