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Landmine Post

Landmine Post


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Landmine Post - Default Title
17.35 in x 2.36 in x 2.36 in


Whether you want to improve strength and power or stabilize the muscles of the core hips and shoulder, this Landmine Posts from COREFX is here to deliver some serious results! Give yourself better posture, balance training, and more with the COREFX Landmine Post. Get your body in shape while simultaneously improving posture and coordination. Landmine exercises allow users to train in multiple planes while targeting a number of muscle groups. Thanks to a multitude of rotational exercise possibilities, landmines improve strength and power while working the stabilizing muscles of the core, hips and shoulders. Landmine exercises are easy-to-learn and don’t carry the same safety risks involved with traditional lifting moments. The COREFX Landmine Post features a 7-gauge steel, 11-inch bar insert sleeve that will fit the majority of standard Olympic barbells. This sleeve is designed to pivot 360 degrees in a fluid motion, which is essential for rotational training exercises like the Landmine Press, Landmine Row, Bent Over Row, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Cleans, Standing Barbell Russian Twist. The COREFX Landmine Post weight capacity is 315 lbs. Features a base post length is 7.25″, and sleeve length 11.5″.
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Elevate your range-of-motion
A simple, portable solution for increasing an athlete’s overall explosiveness and range-of-motion. Equally suited for home gyms and professional training centers, this freestanding version requires only a pair of stacked bumpers or 45-pound metal plates for mounting.
Superior Alternative
The COREFX Landmine Post brings together the best of both worlds allowing you to take your core workouts anywhere. With it, you don’t need a barbell rig, rack or squat stand to get started with your training!
Bounce back into shape
  • Sturdy & Strong
    No matter how hard you train, COREFX wants to make sure that your training equipment can withstand the heat. Featuring a pivoting sleeve made of thick steel with an electrostatic finish, this landmine post is built to stand the test of time.
  • Saves Space
    COREFX presents the next evolution of home fitness! Our Landmine Post allows for a 360 swivel from a small corner so you can break sweat regardless of how small your place is! It’s ideal for use at home, inside your garage, or in hotel gyms that lack equipment.
Enhance your fitness journey
  • Landmine Handle
    Unleash explosive gains with our landmine handle. The ultimate tool for functional strength training. Don't just lift weights, dominate them!
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    Get ready to stretch your limits with our resistance bands - the perfect workout buddy for a band-tastic sweat sesh! #StrongerEveryDay 💪🏋️‍♀️
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    Keep your resistance loops in tip-top shape with our stylish sleeve. No more knots, kinks or damage. Loop, lift and look good doing it!
  • Strength Loops
    Take the strength challenge! Our Strength Loop bands are the perfect workout buddy for any fitness level. Get ready to feel the burn!
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Powerful Workout Solution
Get to the core of your workout goal by adding the Landmine Post to your training arsenal. It’s a great addition to any exercise progression, giving you the ability to load the exercise heavier than dumbbells and access muscles that others can’t!