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Speed Ladder

Climb up to your fitness goal with this Speed Ladder from COREFX! Speed it up! Speed Ladder training is a fun and effective way to improve your athletic performance and set yourself apart. It’s a great tool to improve your agility, speed, and stamina whether you’re a beginner or an expert. This ladder is lightweight and portable! The COREFX Speed Ladder is made using high-quality materials and careful manufacturing processes that is constructed to ensure an easy set-up. This agility ladder features an adjustable length for different skill sets and exercises for a variety of agility training drills. With its versatile length options, this ladder is suitable for kids, coaches, athletes, and anyone else who loves sports training!
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The COREFX Speed Ladder is an excellent tool for agility training that will keep your body and mind actively moving. This Agility ladder is suitable for any high-intensity training that is scientifically proven to improve foot speed, lateral quickness, agility, coordination, and overall balance.
Skill & Confidence
Speed Ladder is a fun and challenging piece that builds both agility & coordination along with improved motor skills. It will increase power & flexibility in your legs, back, hips & arms to help improve balance, prevent injury from falls that occur as you age, and engage both mind & body coordination as you learn to focus on every move.
Speed ladder in bag
speed ladder in use outdoor
Speed & Agility
Speed Ladder is designed to help you develop quick feet. Based on a training exercise used by athletes of all levels, the COREFX Speed Ladder will help improve your ability to change directions quickly and accelerate and decelerate faster.
speed ladder in use outdoor
Speed Ladder from COREFX is designed to give you the competitive edge! It is ideal for training & conditioning to gain a competitive advantage in baseball, football, running, tennis, ice hockey, rugby, or any team sport requiring speed, quickness of feet & alertness.
Speed ladder in use outdoor

Commercial Grade


The Speed Ladder is a commercial-grade agility ladder designed for the most intense workouts. With thick, durable, vinyl rungs and riveted straps, it’s built to last season after season.
close up photo of the agility speed ladder

Additional information

Weight 1.48 lb
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.25 × 23.5 in

• ALL AGES AND ALL PURPOSES: Can be used as a game for kids to help develop speed, getting into shape post-surgery, and coaches looking to step up their team’s performance.
• VARIANCE IN LENGTH: Features adjustable nylon straps, allowing you to adjust to any distance for your safety and preferences. Adjust for kids, teenagers, and adults to any heights. Available in 2 x 15ft sections that can be clipped together for extended patterns and drills. The longer length providing a larger space and more intense workout to improve your agility.
• PERFECTLY SPACED RUNGS: Most adjustable ladders are made with thin plastic adjustable rungs that continuously slide around with every bump or missed step. The COREFX ladder was built for ultimate performance and perfectly spaced rungs, directly out of the box.
• UNMATCHED QUALITY: A commercial grade agility ladder with thick, durable rungs and riveted straps, built to last season after season.
• PROVEN TO INCREASE AGILITY AND SPEED: Proven to improve quick foot and speed, acceleration, strength, fitness, conditioning, endurance, and reduce the chance of injury.
• CARRY BAG: Ladder is provided with a heavy-duty carry bag, making it easy and quick to pack up and set up for indoor and outdoor use.

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Speed up the process of your workout schedule with this COREFX Speed Ladder! Grab yours ASAP!

1 review for Speed Ladder

  1. Albert R

    This ladder is a great way to incorporate with workouts. Use this a lot with my workouts. One thing that I like about this ladder is that it is very sturdy and comes with two set in the package!!

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