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Lat Pull Narrow Handle

Lat Pull Narrow Handle


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Lat Pull Narrow Handle - Default Title
12.3 in x 7 in x 3 in


The Lat Pull Narrow Handle attachment ensures a comfortable and effective cable machine workout for your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs and grip strength. This ergonomic neoprene-coated gym cable attachment features a narrow design for targeted lat engagement.

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Get a grip on precision
Designed for precision and durability, this cable attachment ensures a secure hold, allowing you to maximize your lat pulldown exercises and achieve optimal muscle engagement.
Narrow design
The narrow handle design specifically targets and isolates your lat muscles, promoting a more focused and effective workout with each pull.
Attach & conquer
  • Versatile
    Seamlessly integrates with most cable machines and pulley systems, offering endless possibilities for exercise variation and progression. Ideal for training triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs and grip strength.
  • Ergonomic
    Say goodbye to discomfort and wrist strain, as the ergonomic design of the grip reduces fatigue and allows for optimal hand positioning.
Durable & comfortable
Made of solid steel with a durable neoprene-coated grip to ensure a firm, secure and comfortable hold, even during intense training sessions.
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