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Covered Battle Rope

Covered Battle Rope


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Covered Battle Rope - Default Title
15.5 in x 12 in x 12 in


Battle your way to the ultimate fitness goal with this Covered battle Rope from COREFX! Getting into shape has never been easier! The Battle Rope gives you a full-body workout that wakes up your muscles and makes your heart race, which makes it a perfect tool to add to your fitness arsenal! The Covered Battle Ropes may look old school and just for hard-core athletes, abut this is not the case! The COREFX Battle Ropes are an amazing variation of workout equipment that virtually anyone can use to get a full body, dynamic workout in. While you can’t change the weight of the rope, you can adapt the speed, intensity and duration of your rope workout. Start slowly and work your way up once your fitness improves. Whether you are a beginner or a gym shark, the Battle Rope is suitable for you! A powerful choice for CrossFit trainers, general fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes. It provides an especially great workout for boxers, swimmers, martial artists, and players of baseball, basketball, football, and tennis. The Covered Battle Rope is 1.5-Inch in diameter and 50-Feet in length and weighs 28 lbs. and has a heat-sealed plastic boot cover for each handle.
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Work every muscle
Work all your muscles at once – including your grip strength. The Battle Rope will help to dramatically increase strength, explosiveness, endurance and overall cardio and conditioning, fast. This heavy-duty exercise rope can be used indoors or out, as it offers a reliable, long-lasting performance, so you can perform a high intensity full-body workout just about anywhere!
Anchor anywhere
Our Covered Battle ropes are so much more than just another piece of gym equipment. The rope’s flexible design makes it easy to take almost anywhere, from home to the gym, park, or beach and back again. All that is needed is a stable anchor, like a tree or a pole, and you’re ready to go!
Explosive training
  • Heavy duty design
    This commercial-grade COREFX Covered Battle Rope is designed to provide you with years of workouts! Made from high-quality nylon, this rope features a plastic boot that shields the handles from weather and wears and measures 50 feet long and weighs only 2.8 lbs.
  • Full-body workout
    The COREFX Covered Battle Rope is designed to get you into shape quickly and efficiently. It engages the hands, upper body, lower body, and core in a functional movement to create a great workout session in no time!
Long lasting
Increase endurance and strengthen your core as you train with this battle rope from COREFX. Our battle ropes have a unique core that mimics the feel of a natural fiber rope. The durable polyethylene material won’t shred or shrink like Manila ropes and is suitable for use in all training environments.
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