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Workout Sandbag

Looking for a way to spice up your workouts? We have you covered. Let sand do the work for you! No matter what your workout goals are, you’ll get the strength and flexibility you need. The Sandbag is a versatile training aid that can be used for extra resistance during standard workouts or can be utilized to create your own exercises. Sandbags are meant to have extra wiggle room to challenge stability and strength in a way that static items like barbells can’t. The neural activation and muscle recruitment with sandbag exercises are superior for building athleticism and motor control. Sandbags are a great total body workout tool that is portable, versatile and effective. The eccentric loading and adjustable weight capacity allows you to challenge your body at any fitness level. The COREFX Sandbag quickly improves metabolic conditioning and helps to increase your overall lean muscle mass faster and more effectively than traditional free weight workouts!
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A revolutionary design that features upgraded stitching, military-inspired materials, six industrial handles and a tough-as-nails inner holding bag, this is absolutely the best workout sandbag available for your training. No more leaking sand in your face or your training zone. Experience pure strength and conditioning gains when you add the bag to your routine, today. Every Training Sandbag includes an inner shell that can hold up to 50 lbs. of sand. The outer shell is made from ultra-strong ripstop nylon and has 6 different grip positions so you can perform numerous twisting, pressing and pushing exercises.
Move, strengthen and tone your whole body with this workout sandbag. Our sandbag workout system allows you to create a total body workout in the convenience of your home, office, or hotel room. The eccentric loading and adjustable weight capacity allow you to adjust the weight with minimal change so you can challenge yourself at any fitness level!
Product Shot of COREFX Sandbag
male athlete using the COREFX sandbag during a lifting workout
Free weights, kettlebells, and machine weights all have their place in a training schedule. But we wants to make kicking butt easier. Making this training sandbag a regular part of your workout will help you do more with less weight.
Close up shot of COREFX Sandbag handles
Workout Essential
Improve the function of your core and target multiple muscle groups at a time! The Sandbag is a versatile and compact way to add weight to many kinds of training exercises. Regardless of your fitness level, the Sandbag allows anyone to easily or safely add weight for increased resistance or muscle engagement.
Outdoor shot of Athlete performing lunges with corefx sandbag

Body Strengthening

Workout Tool

Using this sandbag during workouts is a tremendous way to build strength, stability, and even mobility. Up, down, left, right, you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll move – and with ease – when training with this sandbag!
COREFX sandbag shot on a white background

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lb
Dimensions 9.75 × 11 × 11 in

• DURABLE: Made of high density, weatherproof nylon with upgraded stitching, this sandbag won’t split no matter how hard you slam it, drop it or throw it
• HANDLES: The 6 reinforced handles are located all over the sandbag so you can change your hand positions for a variety of lifts
• NO LEAKING: Four inner bags made of ultra-tough oxford cloth for extra durability are reinforced and have a secure Velcro sealing system so no sand will spill out.
• ADJUSTABLE: Four inner bags hold up to 10 lbs of sand each, so you can choose the weight you want depending on your size and fitness level
• PORTABLE: With the inner bags empty, you can pack and take this sandbag anywhere – just fill it back up with sand at your destination

COREFX is a community-driven brand that desires to help you get the best shape of your life!

Whether you work out at home, in a gym, or play sports, COREFX has the gear and equipment that provides enough options for you to get the most benefits from your fitness routine.

Develop your total body strength, stability, and endurance with this sandbag that enables you to perform countless training exercises wherever you are! Get yours now!


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