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  • 25lb Adjustable Dumbbells Set

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    50lb Adjustable Dumbbells Set

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    70lb Adjustable Dumbbells Set

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  • Sale! COREFX 25 lb adjustable dumbbells set with stand

    The Lean Set: 25lb Adjustable Dumbbells Set with Stand

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    Rubber Dumbbell Set: 5 – 25lb

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  • 25 pound COREFX adjustable Dumbbell

    Adjustable Dumbbell – 25lbs

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  • COREFX 50 pound adjustable Dumbbell

    Adjustable Dumbbell – 50lbs

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  • 10 pound rubber dumbbell

    Rubber Dumbbell

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  • COREFX adjustable Dumbbell Stand

    Adjustable Dumbbell Stand

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  • 71.5 LB Adjustable Dumbbell

    Adjustable Dumbbells – 70lbs

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The absolute pillar of every gym. I mean who can live without a good pair of dumbbells (or in our case 12 pairs of beautiful rubber dumbbells). An absolute necessity for anyone looking to weight train, there is a reason this is one of our most popular categories. Get those huge bicep peaks, blow up your chest, work your lower back, burn out those legs with our dumbbells.

Our Rubber dumbbells feature 12 sides and comfortable knurling; with the ability to absorb impact and protect your floors. Our Adjustable dumbbells are a must have for any home gym, and anyone looking to whip through any workout in an efficient manner. With a lot of options to choose from, you have everything you need to hit your fitness goals. We’ve developed a well-rounded lineup of Cardio products for athletes and new fitness novices alike. Delivering across Canada, you’ll get your hands on equipment trusted by major commercial gyms and personal trainers everywhere.

This category includes: Adjustable Dumbbells (70, 50, 25), Adjustable Dumbbell Stands and Rubber Dumbbells.

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