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Push Sled

Push Sled


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Push Sled - Default Title
38 in x 27 in x 5 in


Take the inconvenience out of your workout with this unique Push Sled made by COREFX, only for you! Simple, but not simplistic, the Push Sled’s unique design allows it to blast through anything like no other! The COREFX Push Sled is built to help athletes increase their sled training by being able to perform different drills in one motion. The Push Sled can be manipulated and programmed to deliver a variety of training effects and develop different energy systems. Using the Push Sled with our harness will help drive your heart rate through the roof, set your lungs on fire, rev your metabolism and tax your entire body. Improve strength, athleticism and work capacity with the CORFEX Push Sled!
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Power redefined
The Push Sled is ideal for conditioning workouts and building strength and stamina through functional training.
Powerful Sled Trainer
The Push Sled is a sled trainer that allows you to replicate many different Powersports training exercises using your own bodyweight as the resistance. It helps you pump up your heart rate, rev your metabolism, set your lungs on fire, and make your backyard workouts more efficient and effective.
It's time to push back
  • Versatile workout options
    Whether you’re into strongman gymnastics or Crossfit training, this versatile training tool gives you a broad range of exercises and workouts! Whether you use the push poles for squats and lunges or hook up a strap to drag it behind you for traction work, our Push Sled ticks all the options.
  • Floor Protective Skis
    The Push Sled was designed to provide an inexpensive, lightweight, and portable way to increase strength during intense workout sessions. The included ski attachments help protect the floors and allow for better movements on grass, turf, concrete, or asphalt.
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Built to last
Designed to be long-lasting and sturdy, our Push Sled will provide effective training no matter how grueling the workout. Featuring heavy-duty 7 gauge and 11 gauge steel for unbreakable strength and durability, rubber grips keep it in place during your workout and help you gain functional strength!