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Power Tubes

Power Tubes


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Power Tubes - Light


Strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group of your body with these COREFX Power Tubes! Take your workout to a higher level with this set of power tubes. Made from the highest quality tubes you can find, this set will last a lifetime. Its wide grip allows you to work your upper body, chest, arms, and back muscles even better! Get effective strength training at home or anywhere with this safe, portable ultra-versatile training tool that features a very unique handle that is colour coded, pending on resistance level.
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Strengthen, tone and stretch
Power Tubes are a resistance toner made from top-grade 100% natural latex for maximum durability and stretch. Available in five strength-tested resistance levels to provide you with a variety of options pending on your resistance workout routine.
Superior Performance
Stay in fighting shape with Power Tubes! Made from a natural latex to ensure optimal performance, these tubes are meant for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or simply looking to tone up, the COREFX Power Tubes allow you to do it any way you want.
Workout ready. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Helps you stay fit
    The COREFX Power Tubes are designed to increase circulation and warm up the muscles, which relieves pain, speeds up recovery time, increases flexibility, and improves range of motion. The Power Tubes are made from skin-safe material, to avoid allergic reactions, and come in a variety of different colours.
  • For beginners and pros
    Power tubes from COREFX are versatile workout tools that cater to different levels of fitness freaks, from beginners to regular gym-goers, while strengthening, toning, and stretching your muscles! Whether you’re rehabilitating or simply trying to build muscle mass, these Power Tubes will get the job done!
Female athlete performing bicep workout with power tubes
Versatile training
Power Tubes are one of the most versatile resistance bands available. Combined with stretching, they provide a complete workout and are frequently used by powerlifters and highly trained fitness athletes. The handles allow for a comfortable grip while training, or can be used to loop on to an anchor for different exercise variations.
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