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Ankle Cuff

Lift with confidence and comfort when you wear the Ankle Cuff for max power, mobility, and precision during your leg workout.

The Ankle Cuff by COREFX makes a great addition to any home gym. Offers a 3″ wife cuff and 2 durable steel D-rings that are fully compatible with universal gym cables, training bands, and weightlifting bars for a wide variety of workouts. It can be wrapped around your ankles to stretch out the joints in your legs and help relieve stiffness caused by prolonged sitting or standing.

The D-ring attachments evenly distribute your weight for added strength to endure your heaviest weight yet. Ankle cuffs also come with synthetic shearling pad lining offering extreme comfort throughout your heavy lifting.

*Sold Individually*

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Finally an ankle strap that is designed to help you get the results you’ve been looking for! Our Ankle Cuff is to be used with a weight stack, helping strengthen and tone leg muscles FAST! This is done by providing you with maximum stability and comfort throughout your lower body cable machine workouts.
The sturdy construction features double stitching, reinforced steel D rings, and soft, pillowy fleece lining for exceptional comfort throughout your workout.
Tone & Tighten
Your Muscles
The Ankle Cuffs are perfect for targeting the calf, lower leg, lower body, and even glute muscles to help tone, strengthen, and tighten muscle groups to create a leaner, stronger body.
to Wear
Our ankle cuff is comfortable, breathable, and completely adjustable. With double stitching and reinforced steel, you’ll never need to buy another ankle cuff again.


and detachable

You can easily attach gym Ankle Cuffs to a variety of gym equipment, allowing you to work out the muscles of your legs and glutes without the worry of falling or slipping. It’s a way to make your regularly scheduled workout more exciting and interesting.

Additional information

Weight 2 lb
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

Why You Need It
The Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights add an extra level of difficulty and effectiveness to your workouts, providing you with optimal results.

How It Helps
The COREFX Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights add additional weight to any body movement. This helps increase your overall strength, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance, and assist physical therapy.

What You Can Do With It
The COREFX Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights are a great way to add resistance for both training and rehabilitation. Incorporate these into your next HIIT workout, yoga session, running, core training, aerobics and many others for an extra boost to your fitness routine. You'll get awesome results more quickly than ever.

COREFX is committed to providing the highest level of service for your health and wellbeing!

Getting into better health and becoming more fit is an important part of our daily lives. COREFX is dedicated to building a community that cares about everyone and provides what they need to stay motivated and succeed!

Grab this one-of-a-kind Ankle Cuff for your workout arsenal now!


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