Foam Plyobox

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$378.99 CAD

The COREFX 3-In-1 Foam Plyobox will help you gain confidence when practicing box jumps on the Foam Plyobox. The High density foam is covered with anti-slip material, ensuring safety when performing these exercises. Available in three different heights: 20″, 24″, 30″.

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The COREFX 3-In-1 Foam Plyobox offers three different heights with no complicated adjustments required so you can experience a versatile workout free of hassle. Our Plyoboxes also feature a soft outer cover that is both gentle on your body to prevent injuries and easy to clean so you can keep your home gym looking great!

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Weight 31.76 lb
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 30 in

• SIZE VARIANCE: Keep things simple by saving space with one box that can be used to vary your desired jump to 3 different height levels. Simply alter the box orientation to varying heights: 20", 24", 30". • CROSSFIT AND AGILITY TRAINING: Perfect for CrossFit WODS, vertical jump training, step-ups, dips, decline push-ups and more! • TOP QUALITY: Features double stitched vinyl upholstery, to ensure a very stable platform. Constructed of ultra dense foam with heavy duty PVC fabric for extra durability and comfort. • SAFE AND DURABLE: Constructed of high density anti-slip foam to allow for a secure jump, while holding up to 300 pounds.

2 reviews for Foam Plyobox

  • I always use this with my workout from jumping lunges, split squats to box jumps!!
    This is an amazing way to increase leg strength and stability.

  • BEST BOX EVER!!! for the longest time I would have to make my own box with risers. This product has become a staple that I use daily for myself and clients. It is the perfect regression for movements such as a plank or pushup. I have a lot of clients that struggle doing those on the floor but the box allows them to complete it with good form. It is also great for step ups or down as it is very sturdy and the height can be changed. I believe each gym should have at least a couple of these because of how much they can be used for.

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