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Triceps Pushdown Handle

Triceps Pushdown Handle


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Triceps Pushdown Handle - Default Title
14.2 in x 5.5 in x 3 in


Maximize your tricep gains with our ergonomically designed pushdown handle attachment! The COREFX Triceps Pushdown Handle ensures a comfortable, effective and durable cable machine arm workout. The neoprene-coated cable attachment features a unique design to target those specific tricep muscles. Elevate your strength training routine with precision and ease!

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Power your push
Crafted with a neoprene coating, this attachment is made to provide a challenging grip element and ergonomic comfort during your upper body workout. Maximize every rep and watch your triceps grow stronger than ever.
Pushdown handle
Enhance your arm day with our Triceps Pushdown Handle. Target your triceps with precision, enhance your muscle definition, and achieve unparalleled results in every workout.
Attach & conquer
  • Versatile
    Seamlessly integrates with most cable machines and pulley systems, offering endless possibilities for a targeted tricep exercise.
  • Ergonomic
    The ergonomic design helps enhance comfort and reduces strain to perform exercises with better form and efficiency.
Durable & comfortable
Made of solid steel with a durable neoprene-coated grip to ensure a firm, secure and comfortable hold, even during intense training sessions.
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