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Foam Stacking Plyobox

Foam Stacking Plyobox


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Foam Stacking Plyobox - 6"
30.7 in x 24.4 in x 6 in


The new COREFX Foam Stacking Plyobox features a soft landing surface that absorbs impact, for a safer workout that provides less stress on your ankles, knees, and hips. Focus on your explosive plyometric movements without having to worry! Available in three different sizes (6”, 12”, and 20”) that can be used individually or combined to create a customized workout that fits your individual needs. Each box size has self-fastening velcro strips, so you can stack and secure them together for a secure and safe workout. *Sold Individually NOTE: These are the newest 2023 model of stacking plyoboxes, which measure 30.7” x 24.4”. They are not compatible with the original models of COREFX Stackable Foam Plyoboxes.

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Customize your box jump
The Foam Stacking Plyobox offers three heights that can be used individually or secured and stacked together. With an ultra dense foam core and heavy duty vinyl, they are built to last.
CrossFit training
Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete, trainer, or just looking to improve your strength and stability, the Foam Stacking Plyobox will help you reach your goals. Use individually or combined during Crossfit workouts, WODS, the Vertical Jump test, and more!
Jump into shape
  • Safe & durable
    Features an ultra dense foam core, covered with heavy duty vinyl. The large hook and loop strips on all 4 sides ensure that the boxes will not slip when stacked together.
  • Full-body workout
    This Plyobox allows you to incorporate a wide range of full-body exercises into your workout that target your shoulders, arms, chest, abs, glutes and legs. Help strengthen and improve your overall core stability.
New design
The three sizes available of the NEW Foam Stacking Plyoboxes fit perfectly together to provide a safe plyometrics workout tool. Note: this size is not compatible with the original Stackable Foam Plyobox.
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