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Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Mix it up, your grip that is and pump up your workouts with the EZ Curl Barbell by COREFX. Offering angled knurled grips, steel construction and a sleek finish, this is a perfect way to hit every head of your bicep and tricep along with shoulder workouts. The curled shaft of the EZ Curl Bar makes it easy for anyone from beginners to experienced athletes level up their workout. Combine straight bars, curls bars, neutral bars, and short bars all into one with the COREFX EZ Curl Bar. Manufactured from Steel with a shaft diameter of 28 mm, this EZ curl barbell is perfect for home gyms, commercial gyms and any other environment. Compatible with most standard Olympic plates. Featuring non abrasive knurl pattern in multiple spots. Build the perfect arms without straining your wrists and elbows. Get started today!
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Getting stronger, bigger, faster requires dedication and variation. Nothing can beat the EZ Curl bar and the zig-zag style bars designed to help hit your biceps, triceps, chests and shoulders while also keeping your wrists and elbows healthy. More practical than a 7 ft barbell, it’s ideal for anyone working out at home short on space. Pick up the EZ Curl Bar, isolate your muscle and get ripped.
Multiple grips to choose from. You’ll be able to go from standard grips, to narrow and wide in quick succession. Keep your arm-building workouts fresh and bust through your plateaus all while not having to worry about injuries due to strain. Now let’s see those triceps bulge.
COREFX EZ Curl Bar Chrome Barbell and Red End Cap
Male fitness athlete using a weight loaded COREFX EZ curl Bar
& Durable
Much shorter than the traditional straight bar. This bar allows you to hit multiple muscle groups while taking up very little space. Perfect for your home gym. Load up to 300 lbs.
Preacher Curl using COREFX EZ Curl Bar
Suitable for Both
Beginners & Pros
These EZ Curl Barbells can be used by pretty much anyone. Whether you’re fairly new to lifting, or an experience lifter. The exercise equipment you need to build upper body strength and size.


– Develops grip strength and endurance
– Chrome Finish
– Shaft Diameter – 28.5 mm
– Overall length – 47 inches
– Knurl – Medium
– Weight – 22.3 lbs.
– Max Loading Weight – 300 lbs.
COREFX EZ Curl Barbell Branded End Cap

Additional information

Weight 22.3 lb
Dimensions 47 × 3 × 3 in

Why You Need It
This Bar allows for lifters to have a narrow grip when completing close grip curls and triceps extensions, helping isolate muscles and create sculpted arms.

How It Helps
This type of bar helps many athletes as the unique bends within the shaft help to minimize stress on the wrists, which helps reduce the likelihood of injury.

What You Can Do With It
Great for a variety of workouts such as tricep extensions, bicep curling, bent over rows, and much more!

In addition to promoting physical well-being, COREFX aims to inspire personal growth and encourage positive change.

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