Body Sculpt Workout
Strength Bands Set

Intro: Your Body Sculpt workout is comparable to targeted training for specific muscles of your body. Don’t confuse “spot toning” and body sculpting with spot reduction. You can develop muscle, tone and increase strength at specific sites (e.g., triceps isolation), but you cannot selectively reduce fat (spot reduction) by repeatedly exercise that body part. Some body sculpting exercises may look basic, but when paired with the right exercise equipment and progressive resistance (bands in this case), these exercises can seriously strength train your arms, abs, core, hips, and legs. The cardio burst is added to increase overall calorie expenditure and fat loss.

Format: Perform each exercise for 30-seconds. Transition as quickly as possible to the next exercise. You’re knocking out 4-rounds (15-16 minutes total). Take a max of 30-60 seconds of recovery after each round.

During round one focus on warming the body up, as well as controlling and practicing the movements. Ramp up intensity by adding more reps, speed, range of motion and/or resistance. Focus on maintaining consistency with regard to exercise quality during every round. No form breaks!

4 Exercises
16 Min
Reverse Lunge Row
Plank Pull
Standing Hip Thruster
Resisted Bent Leg Pushup