Arms & Abs Workout
Strength Bands Set

Intro: Get the guns out and tighten your core. It’s time to build your arms and change how your gut looks (and works)! This workout finds a nice balance between the “guns out/sun’s out” show and functional core training.

Format: Perform each exercise for 30-seconds. Transition as quickly as possible to the next exercise. Each round—10 exercises— challenges you with 5-minutes of core and arm exercise you won’t soon forget, especially because you’re knocking out 3-rounds (15-minutes total). Take a max of 30-seconds of recovery after each round.

During round one focus on warming the body up, as well as controlling and practicing the movements. Ramp up intensity by adding more reps, speed, range of motion and/or resistance. Focus on maintaining consistency with regard to exercise quality during every round. No form breaks!

8 Exercises
16 Min
Bent Over Row
Bent Leg Pushup
Hip Thruster Kneel
Overhead Tricep Extensions
Rotational Push
Single-Arm Plank Pull
Tricep Pulldown
Vertical Lat Pull