Upper Body Workout
Flat Bands Set

Intro: Start slow, end with a bang! Begin this Challenge by prepping your body to target an upper body fusion focus, and end it by hammering your triceps (backs of the upper arms) with a tri-set you won’t soon forget!

Format: Perform each exercise for 30-seconds, followed by a 15-second recovery. Perform two rounds. During round one focus on warming the body up, as well as controlling and practicing the movement. During round two ramp up the intensity by adding more reps, speed, range of motion and/or resistance.

10 Exercises
16 Min
Dynamic Shoulder Stabilization
Squat Row
Side Laying Plank Reverse Fly
Hip Lift
Single Leg Stability Push
Supine Pullover
Supine Tricep Press
Tricep Pulldown
Seated Triceps Extension
V-Sit Leg Press