Arms & Abs Workout
Flat Bands Set

Intro: This “perfect 6” Challenge Workout combines the best of arms and core in a fun, core dominant workout, that simultaneously destroys your arms too! Sculpt your arms and bust your gut!

Format: You’ve got 6 exercises, performed for 30 seconds each, 2-rounds, 6 total minutes of arm and gut busting work. Your transition time is your only rest between sets and rounds. If this gets too easy, run the workout several times through.

During round one focus on warming the body up, as well as controlling and practicing the movement. Ramp up intensity by adding more reps, speed, range of motion and/or resistance. Focus on maintaining consistency with regard to exercise quality during every round. No form breaks!

6 Exercises
10 Min
Bent Over Row
Side-Lying Plank Reverse Fly
Standing Core Twist
Hip Lift
Supine Pullover
V-Site Leg Press