COREFX Workshops are designed to build off the fundamental skills developed in the trainer certification. Use various training styles to understand how equipment and methodology work together to accomplish training progressions and regressions. Learn performance driven exercise techniques and drill sequences to optimize results with cutting edge products from COREFX.

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COREFX Speed Agility Quickness Tabata Training
July 10th, 2020 – 11:00 AM EST

SAQ wrkouts™ are often reserved for athletes. Multidirectional athleticism & movement should be programmed at all ages and fitness levels. Doing it Tabata style, using the peripheral heart action system of programming, creates metabolic demand & improves cardiovascular fitness ( #sweaty ) without leaving you sore for days. This wrkout™ will move through a low and high function ( you choose ):

    • Ninja warm-up
    • 4 blocks of 3 exercises on a Tabata timer
  • A laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Working browser or Youtube App.
  • Good internet connection.

Chad Benson
Title: Director of Education, @Wrkout
Degree (s): MSc in Kinesiology, Bachelors of Physical Education, BSc in Psychology
Certification(s): CSCS, CanFitPro PTS
Industry Relevant Credential(s): Trigger Point (Master Trainer), Bulgarian Bag (Master Trainer), ViPR PRO (Master Trainer), Agatsu Kettlebell, FRC, IHRSA Institute, Optimal Muscle Testing, Muay Thai & Kickboxing, RAD Roller, Weightlifting, Schwinn Cycling

Educated at UVic and MUN, Chad is the Director of Education for Wrkout, and President of the Personal Trainer Academy. Before becoming an educator and TRNR mentor, Chad was a sports conditioning specialist; holding S & C positions with numerous high performance organizations. Chad is a CanFitPro PTS author, ProTrainer, keynote speaker and sponsored fitness presenter. Chad has developed numerous functional fitness, assessment, fitness franchise educational platforms.

“IF WE SELL IT we use it. What we teach represents how we coach. Simply, our goal is to provide the best in education.”
500Workshop Attendees To Date
“To say the least, the COREFX line of products and their educational team are second to none.”
“It did not take long to see results. I finally began to bust through my plateau! Within 6 weeks I had lost 5 pounds, 2% body fat and gone down 2 dress sizes.”
“I 100% recommend this training and COREFX. Coach Kennedy is knowledgeable, a fantastic trainer, and most importantly FUN!”