The 15 Minute Full Body Landmine Workout

Looking for a quick 15 minute workout? Here are 5 of my favourite exercises for a landmine workout that will get you sweating in no time! 

Did you know that the Landmine is one of the most versatile, effective fitness tools proven to increase functional strength and enhance your athletic performance?

It’s a tool that can help anyone with mobility restrictions or injuries the ability to perform any foundational athletic movement such as: pressing, pulling, squatting, lunging and rotation with confidence! Although this tool may not get as much hype as other well known gym equipment, we can assure you that this hidden gem will be your new favourite workout tool in the gym, providing you with optimal results. 

Now that we’re all on the same page, and we’re all eager to test out the landmine, let’s get into the workout specifics. We’ve lined up 5 exercises that provide a great foundation to build one’s strength and the option to increase weight and challenge yourself more over time. 

An important thing to remember when performing these exercises is that similar to a landline, a person gets all of their power from the ground up. Therefore, by having a solid base that is secure, stable and compact, this will be essential to building your explosive power. 

The Workout:

  • 3-5 rounds,
  • 5 exercises, 40 seconds each with 20 seconds rest between each exercise.
  • 1-2min rest between rounds

Required Gear:

1. Squat

The landline squat is a great exercise to get yourself comfortable with the barbell and into a solid starting position. The way you set yourself up is the most important thing when performing these five exercises.  

Make sure you are picking the barbell up properly and getting the weight from under yourself up towards the top of your chest / shoulders. Position your feet so you are comfortable, while holding the barbell above your chest with both hands. Perform your squat,  Adjust your feet position if needed, and keep your head up! Become one with the barbell and try to find yourself going into a nice deep squat.  Lightweight encouraged for this exercise!

Similar to a front squat this exercise will challenge you to keep the weight in front of you but not directly on your shoulders like a normal squat.  This exercise is very beneficial to build leg strength and also testing your posture. Chest up, shoulders back, head up and use your legs to power through this workout. Increase reps or increase weight wherever needed to further challenge yourself.

2. One arm press (20sec each side)

The one arm landmine press is one of my favourite shoulder workouts.  I love picking the weight up for this exercise and placing it on top of my shoulder in a comfortable position.  The weight will be pushing you back into the ground,  so it is important for you to be standing with your legs in a solid base position, shoulder width apart, knees bent slightly. (Option to have one leg back as if you are in a running position. This will enable you to generate more power when pushing the weight  upwards).

Use your legs slightly to help pop the weight while pushing it above your head,  but the goal should be to use your shoulder to lift the weight up and controlling it while bringing it back down. Controlling the weight while bringing  the weight back down to your body is so important for this exercise.  

*Balance, stability and hand eye coordination are all skills that can be developed alongside your strength.

***incorporating the squat with the shoulder press is a great idea. 

3. One arm reverse lunge (20sec each side)

The one arm reverse lunge speaks for itself. This workout is essential for lower body strength\flexibility and the cfx landmine and cerakote Barbell are the perfect tools to perform the exercise.

Test out what feels comfortable when taking your step backwards and take your time on each leg. Do the best you can to keep your head up and try to fully extend that leg back.

4. One arm row (20sec each side)

Feeling the burn? Time for some Back and Biceps.  Here you’ll want to stagger your feet, one foot forward, one back. Hold the handle of the barbell, keep your back flat and chest high, pull the bar up to your ribs – hold and engage those lats.

5. Dynamic twists

A great way to finish this series of exercises is by having some fun with dynamic twists. Fully challenging yourself to control the weight and rotating your body position with the weight of the barbell.

That’s round 1, take a 1-2min rest and get back into it! Try for 3-5 rounds.

Well there you have it! After reading this blog we can leave you with two promises. The first being, we can guarantee that you will be grabbing for the Landmine VERY often after experiencing all of the inevitable benefits it has to offer. The second promise that we can make is that we can assure you that you’ll be EXTREMELY sore the next day after trying out this full body Landmine workout!

Look out for more mini workouts in the future! Remember, with COREFX, the gym is where you are.

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