Strength Training

Strength training is a method of exercise specializing in the use of resisted force through the use of your own body weight to intensify your training! This resisted force using any of our medicine balls, kettlebells, sleds & harnesses, weighted vests, training sandbags, and a variety of training accessories can help induce your muscular contraction to increase bone, muscle, tendon, ligament strength and toughness. This can help with improving your joint function, bone density, metabolism, fitness and cardiac function.

Medicine Balls

Our Medicine balls are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit every athlete’s needs. Whether you are looking for something that will hold up to your hardcore slam training or are looking to help carve out those abs, we’ve got the right solution.

Using a medicine ball for training can help you build the fitness, stability and conditioning you need to reach your potential peak performance. The balls shape and mobility can turn all your moves into dynamic moves. These balls are made to move with you as you exercise, which is why you can throw them, roll them, swing them and toss them.

Here you’ll find our unique Slam Ball, Wall Ball and rubber Medicine Ball.

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COREFX Kettlebell


The COREFX Kettlebells will take your cardio and strength gains to the next level. The kettlebell is different from a dumbbell or barbell because its weight is off center. This means that you have to engage more muscles to stabilize your body during the exercise. It’s this off-center mass that makes the kettlebell perfect for swinging exercises and ideal for functional fitness training. While certain exercises and weight machines isolate muscles, kettle bell exercises train your body as whole.

Sleds & Harnesses

Looking to increase your speed, strength and power? With the versatility of the COREFX Push and Drag Sled you’ll be able to deliver a variety of training effects and develop new energy systems for your fitness routine. Sled training has become a great way improve strength and athleticism without the heavy wear and tear on your body that comes from traditional forms of conditioning like run, jump and sprint training.

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Weighted Vests

Looking to amp up your next cardio session? The COREFX weighted vests will allow for a safe and easy way to add weight to your bodyweight training routine. Our COREFX weighted vests will allow you to add and remove weights to suit your level of training. Weight vests are great for total-body workouts and help to strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system.

Training Sandbags

Trainers and athletes know that exercising with a sandbag takes training to the next level. Why? The sand shifts whenever the bag moves, so the center of balance is always changing. This creates a workout sandbag that is an unstable weight, and to control that weight, you need to fire up your core to remain balanced. Add the upper body and leg workout you get carrying and lifting the sandbag, and you end up with a torturous training session.

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Training Accessories

Looking for some unique accessories to go along with your fitness equipment?
Here you’ll find our COREFX Landmine post and handle attachment along with our Battle Rope hanger and wall mount bracket.