New Year – New Gear: Start building your home gym today!

Let’s just be honest, I think we can all agree that this past year has been a challenging one… to say the least.  It has resulted in numerous changes, trying to create a new routine juggling working from home and creating a healthy balance between family, school, and “me” time. I am not sure about you, but throughout all of this, I have really come to realize the impact that my everyday life choices can have on my overall health. 

Therefore, there is no better time than now to start working on ourselves and prioritizing our health. If you were looking for a little push, a sign perhaps to get you started, here it is. It’s time to start carving out some time for YOU and start moving your body. How do I do that, you ask? With all of us spending so much time at home, there is no better time than now to create a home gym.

The reality is, wherever you may be in this world, gyms in your city are starting to close. If they haven’t closed yet, they may be in the process of closing down, and even when things start to pick up again, the thought of sweating in a confined area with strangers may not sound so appealing. With that said, home gyms are the future of fitness. 

Let’s get started on your New Year’s resolution, shall we? The key here is to build a home gym that you’re actually going to want to workout in. With that said, you need to set up a gym that helps you meet your goals. 

Step 1: Understand Your Goals

Take some time to understand what you’re wanting to get out of your workouts. Whether you’re looking to shred fat, build muscle, lean out etc, we believe that our COREFX products will help you get on track and will compliment your new fitness goals. Once you understand what your goals are, our assortment of equipment can help make your goals come to life.

Step 2: Find the Right Space

Trust us, even the smallest of spaces can be turned into the ultimate home gym. Although, throughout this process it is important to be realistic, along with having the patience and willingness to improvise with whatever space you are working with. If you’re very short on space, you may want to consider sharing a space, such as splitting your home office with your gym. Hey, I know what you’re thinking…”I live in my office, a gym is supposed to be a place where I can escape.” There is nothing wrong with wanting a separate space, but just a friendly reminder that it’s important to be open minded, and work with what we have.

Door Anchor used with Resistance Band
Home office with very minimal equipment – COREFX Door Anchor and COREFX Strength Band. The Door anchor also pairs well with the Advanced Toners and Power Tubes.

This shared space could also allow for you to get in some extra steps, extra reps while on a business call? Hey, nothing is out of the question these days. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom in your home, then this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this space. This blank canvas can allow you to explore many options, while providing you with the luxury of mentally checking out from work, in a different space.

Small gym space with limited equipment
Small home gym area with storage rack to hold medicine balls, toners and bands.

If you’re looking to separate floors and are willing to allocate a private section of your home to your home gym, you may want to consider building a basement workout space. There’s nothing like blasting music in a space away from everyone! If you want an even more exclusive home gym, try exploring your garage, or better yet a shed on your property. The possibilities are absolutely endless, so have fun with it! 

Basement gym
Large basement gym with multi-station equipment and storage solution for bands and toners.

Step 3: Stock Up Your Home Gym

Buying fitness equipment doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’re here to help advise the most versatile home gym equipment to get you started on your fitness journey. Remember you don’t have to buy everything at once for your home gym. The great thing about our COREFX line is, we carry an assortment of products to implement into your HITT sessions, designed for full body workouts… so you really can’t go wrong!

Step 4: Create a Storage Plan

home gym storage solution for bands and tubes

Storage is key when looking to build a home gym, that involves packing in quite a bit of equipment. You will want your space to be organized before and after you start exercising, as this will allow you to start fresh and collect your thoughts. Put simply, you can start by grabbing a storage container to start storing your equipment, as well as opt for a more sleek and professional space that we all strive for. This may include our Kettlebell Storage Rack, Single/Double Sides Medicine Ball Rack

Overall, we just wanted to say that we believe that building a home gym will be a very worthwhile project for you, providing you with longstanding health benefits. I mean, now you can control YOUR cleanliness, choose the music YOU want to listen to, and spend as much time as YOU would like lifting weights (or staring in the mirror). This is YOUR domain, let’s make it a good one. 

Curious as to what specific COREFX products you should be adding to your home gym? Don’t stress, we’ve got your covered. Make sure to stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll be giving you the low down of what products will be most beneficial for your training needs.

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