Shred Fat & Build Muscle | 5 Slam Ball Exercises You Need To Try

Are you tired of doing the same workouts at home? Are you hitting a plateau within your training? If the answer is yes, then this is sign that you may need to switch up your training. With that said, this is quite normal and in fact very exciting! When we start to make these small changes within our “normal” routine, this is often when we start to see life changing results. Within this blog I’ll be going through 5 exercises that will get you out of your training rut and will help you start seeing results FAST!

Let me introduce you to the COREFX Slam Ball (a favourite of mine). Trust me when I say this tool will soon become your next best friend. I find myself often incorporating the Slam Ball into my training because it’s easy to use and and there are endless amount of exercises options that go along with it! Not to mention the fact that you’ll be shredding fat and building muscle in no time.

If you’re into general athletic training, the COREFX Slam Ball will help:

  1. Build endurance.
  2. Increase your muscle mass.
  3. Improve your hand-eye coordination.
  4. let your aggression out!

Workout Structure:

Alright let’s get into it! Below I will be going though a Full Body – Tabata Timer workout!

  • Work – 30 Seconds
  • Rest – 10 Seconds
  • Movements/Exercises – 6
  • Sets – 4
  • Time/Duration: 16 Minutes

Ball Slams:

Start with legs shoulder width apart

  • Open the hips as you squat down while
    maintaining a strong core and keeping
    the back flat
  • Keep the ball close to the body as you
    come up while extending your arms at
    the top
  • Slam the ball to the ground
  • Repeat this motion continuously

Split Jumps:

Start in a kneeling position with both
legs at 90 degrees

  • keep your torso upright and eyes
    looking forward
  • Start by lifting the knee a few inches
    off the ground and keeping the Slam
    ball at chest level
  • Begin the movement by jumping and
    switching legs repeatedly

Twist & Toss:

  • Start with your entire back and Legs off
    the floor in a V position
  • Rotate the ball to one side then stop in
    the middle.
  • Press the ball and toss as high as you
    can then repeat on the other side
  • Take your time with this one

Mountain Climbers:

Start in a high plank position

  • Maintain a solid core throughout the
  • Drive one knee in towards the ball
  • Alternate your legs and repeat in a
    controlled manner

Supine Floor Toss:

Start with the back and feet flat on the

  • Keep the slam ball at chest level, push
    the ball with force until arms are fully
    locked out
  • Catch and repeat

To end things off, I hope that after reading this you have learned some new Slam Ball exercises that you can add to your next full body workout at home. Just remember, if you’re consistent, and hungry for change I can ensure you that these exercises will take your training to the next level.

**Make sure to stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll be showing you a great workout with the Suspension Trainer! 

Ultra Grip Wall Ball
Tejean Smith is passionate about creating a motivational, uplifting and high-energy environment to help clients achieve their goals. He tailors his approach through the use of 1-on-1 training, functional movements, strength and conditioning and HIIT. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or improve overall fitness, Tejean’s philosophy focuses on empowering his clients with the knowledge, support and skills to succeed throughout every step of their fitness journey.

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