Resistance Training

Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance to help increase strength, tone and build mass, and/or increase endurance. The external resistance can be anything that causes the muscles to contact such as our bands and loops, and tubes and toners.

Bands & Loops

With resistance band and loop training you have the ability to work every muscle group on your body. The variety of bands and loops we carry will get you toned up in no time. Train your Glutes, Legs, Back, Biceps and Abs with the COREFX Strength Bands and COREFX Pro Loops.

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Tubes & Toners

Athletes and trainers love these exercise toners with handles because they create resistance, a force your muscles have to work against. Resistance exercises are weight bearing but low impact, so they help build muscles and increase bone density without being too hard on your joints. Plus, you gain a larger range of motion in your exercise using a resistance tube versus using free weights or a weight machine. Our COREFX toners are available in covered and uncovered options.