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Training Kit

Training Kit


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Training Kit - Default Title


Introducing our Training Kit, the ultimate companion for young athletes looking to maintain peak performance right from the comfort of their homes. Designed to elevate your fitness game, this thoughtfully curated bundle of fitness equipment offers a holistic approach to training, combining strength, flexibility, agility, and recovery into one powerful package.

What's Inside:

  • Pro Loops: These versatile resistance bands help you build strength and flexibility simultaneously, allowing you to target various muscle groups with ease.

  • 2 Resistance Bands (Light and Medium): With options for different resistance levels, you can customize your workouts to suit your fitness goals and progress at your own pace.

  • Door Anchor: Turn any room into your personal gym with the door anchor, offering endless exercise possibilities.

  • Advanced Toner 4" (Medium): Perfect for toning and strengthening, this piece of equipment takes your training to the next level.

  • Reaction Ball: Sharpen your reflexes and improve agility with this innovative tool, ideal for young athletes looking to enhance their reaction time.

  • Recovery Ball: After intense training sessions, the recovery ball provides targeted relief and relaxation to help you bounce back faster and stronger.

Elevate your athletic performance, stay in top shape, and reach new heights with our Training Kit. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this bundle has everything you need to unlock your full potential and maintain your competitive edge. Get ready to train like a champion, right from home!

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Unlock Your Athletic Potential with the Ultimate Home Training Kit
Elevate your game with our carefully curated Training Kit – your secret weapon for staying fit, strong, and agile right from the comfort of your home.
Every Room Becomes a Gym
Transform any room into your personal training ground! The door anchor lets you exercise wherever you are, making your fitness journey as flexible as your schedule.
Train at home
  • Fitness athlete with advanced toner draped over his shoulders
    Unleash your inner athlete
    Ignite your potential and dominate your game! Our Training Kit brings the arena to your doorstep, elevating your fitness levels and performance with ease.
  • Reaction training redefined
    Sharpen your reflexes and agility with the Reaction Ball. It's not just a game; its's a tool for enhancing your responsiveness, perfect for young athletes.
Enhance your fitness journey
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    Rubber Dumbbell
    The COREFX Rubber Dumbbell features a precision-machined handle that maintains the same length across various weights. This ensures a safe grip and op
    from$12.10 was $17.29
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    Resistance Bands
    Get ready to stretch your limits with our resistance bands - the perfect workout buddy for a band-tastic sweat sesh! #StrongerEveryDay 💪🏋️‍♀️
    from$10.49 was $14.99
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    Resistance Loop Sleeve
    Keep your resistance loops in tip-top shape with our stylish sleeve. No more knots, kinks or damage. Loop, lift and look good doing it!
    $20.99 was $29.99
Strength & flexibility in one
Get the edge you need! Our Pro Loops and Resistance Bands offer versatile workouts taht build strength and flexibility simultaneously, unlocking your athletic prowess.