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Aerobic Step Riser

Aerobic Step Riser


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Aerobic Step Riser - Default Title
18 in x 18 in x 4.5 in


Combine the benefits of aerobic and strength training, and get in shape at home with the COREFX Aerobic Step Riser. Get the results you want and the body you deserve with the COREFX Aerobic Step Riser. Designed for beginners to advanced exercisers, this home-fitness tool helps you work out more effectively and efficiently. The COREFX Aerobic Step Riser is a great home-fitness tool for beginners to experts and is customizable for a variety of aerobic and strength training exercises. Sold individually, buy in multiples of two for use with the Aerobic Step Platform.
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Next level training
The COREFX Aerobic Step Riser is the perfect workout platform for multi-directional step workouts. Features a secure safe lock for optimal safety when combining together or with the Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform. Sold individually, 4” high.
Quality construction
Engineered for safety and comfort, the step riser features a high-density polyethylene with a TPE surface texture that is durable enough to withstand repetitive exercise use.
Rise into shape
  • Multi-directional workout
    The Aerobic Step Riser is the perfect workout platform for multi-directional step workouts. Use individually, stacked together as a group, or in combination with the Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform to complete full-body cardio and strength workouts!
  • Pair with step platform
    The Aerobic Step Riser is a great addition to the COREFX Aerobic Step Platform. Simply place an Aerobic Step Riser under your step for targeted work on the glutes, inner thighs, and calves. The 4″ high risers are easily stacked up to 6 risers high to increase intensity during training or may be used individually for varying lower-body exercises.
Safety lock design
With a patented interlocking design, Aerobic Step Risers securely click together. These Aerobic Step Riser offers a safe and secure step workout every time. This also makes it easier to carry the steps around and store between workouts.
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