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Thin Grip Speed Rope

Speed up your workout routine with this Thin Grip Speed Rope from your very own COREFX! The COREFX Thin Grip Speed Rope is an affordable skipping rope that does not sacrifice performance. It teaches beginners how to effectively jump rope while allowing competitive athletes to perform at optimal speed! By adding a swivel bearing in the tip of the rope, the cable won’t lose speed or shape even if your hand position or swing isn’t perfect.
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Instead of a solid attachment, the cable on the Thin Grip Speed Rope is connected to the handle with a bearing designed specifically for high-speed rotation. The vinyl coated cable is light and adjustable. These qualities combine to create a speed rope that performs at high speed with precision. The Thin Grip Speed Rope uses ballistic plastic handles to house lightening speed, light weight durable plastic bearings for effortless and controlled spin. This skipping rope is topped off with a metal extension spindle with an eyeball bearing tip that reacts to cable adjustments.
Ultimate Fitness
Make your workout routines more effective and more fun when you add the innovative COREFX bands to your favorite fitness equipment. They fit securely around the handles and can also be combined with other tubes for a total body resistance workout in seconds.
close up of the thin grip speed rope
Male Athlete using the thin grip speed rope
and Versatile
Jump rope training is one of the most effective functional exercises for improving fitness and athletic performance. The versatility of jumping rope allows it to be used in many sports including boxing, MMA, tennis, basketball.
Female athlete using the thin grip speed rope
Perfect For Both
Home & Commercial Use
The COREFX jump rope is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and also for anyone who wants to take control of their own health and fitness from the comfort of their Home or Gym. It’s an ideal functional training tool and can be used to enhance or complement other fitness and athletic training in any environment. Can even act as a cardio workout in its own right.
athlete using the thin grip speed rope in the gym



Forget about buying that heavy, bulky jump rope. Our lightweight bearing will allow you to have a faster spin and double-unders. Turn your wrist force into speed with this speed rope.
COREFX thin grip speed rope

Additional information

Weight 0.27 lb
Dimensions 7.5 × 6 × 0.5 in

• FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Aluminum base is thin, light and strong. Neoprene grip gives you confidence that you won’t lose hold even while wet. Straight handle is suitable for all hand sizes.
• BLAZING FAST ROTATION: A compact and lightweight bearing connects the jump rope cable to the grip handle. Enables high speeds and smooth rotation. Helps turn more of your wrist force into speed for double, single leg jumps and double-unders.
• LIGHT, ADJUSTABLE CABLE: Ultra-thin cable with black coating whips around faster than other materials. Adjust the length of the handle with sturdy screws to suit your height.
• SPIN CONTROL: Get the precision that you need with minimal effort and maximum revolutions per second to meet your training goals.

Over the past 10 years, COREFX has helped people improve their fitness and created a community dedicated to making your life better!

In order to help you reach your fitness goals, we offer qualified fitness training equipment that will help you get started anywhere and any time!

Spice up your workout arsenal with this Thin Grip Speed Rope! Grab yours ASAP!


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