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Strength Loops
Looking for a way to get healthier & more fit? Sign up for Strength Loops! Designed to improve the range, length, and definition of your muscles through a variety of exercises. Specially engineered for high-intensity bodyweight training using progressive resistance, these Strength Loops are ideal leg and butt workouts! Can be used for hip and glute activation, strengthening and an overall dynamic warm up. The Strength loops are also great tool to help you learn how to push your knees out while squatting. Staying fit has never been easier, with Strength Loops. Designed to be effortlessly carried anywhere, Strength Loops are the perfect solution for your body to stay strong and flexible. The COREFX Strength Loops are made of polyester and latex with reinforced stitching that is soft to touch as well as sweat resistant. With it’s Strength Stretch technology, the bands are ensured to last for years as they won’t snap or stretch throughout your various workouts. The Strength Loops are available in two sizes.
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The 3″ Strength Loops can help assist you with anything from abductor, flexor, knee, squats, circles, deadlifts, weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, glute & booty workouts, lunges, flexor, lateral or forward step, back kick, legs press & more!
Whether you are looking to prevent injury or increase your workout, our Strength Loops are there to help. They hold your feet firmly in place, reducing the chance of injury while helping you stay in proper form!
Featuring a soft material and stretchy properties, Strengthen Loops are so versatile they can fit into virtually any workout program. Ideal for everyone involved in fitness, whether they’re a gym enthusiast, at-home workout enthusiast, Crossfit athlete, yoga practitioner, or powerlifter.
Perfect For Both
Beginners & Pros
TWe designed our Strengthen Loops for beginners to advanced athletes to give them a resistance workout that will take their game to the next level—whether they are at the fitness club or at home.
Female athlete using the strength loop



Because we understand it can be difficult to find a good set of looper bands, we only use 100% safe and quality material to ensure you full comfort and safety while you take your workout to the next level!
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• TWO SIZES: The Strength Loops are available in two sizes small and medium. We have based our sizing in relation to your athletic pant size and your thigh circumference. It’s important to note that the sizing may vary based on your body type and desired resistance.
• ENGINEERED TO BE THE BEST: We’ve put a great effort into creating a band that is made of Antimicrobial odor and bacteria prevention technology, so you can sweat without a worry.
• TRAIN HARDER: The Strength Loops are designed to help prevent injuries and correct your form by providing additional support while exercising.
• MACHINE WASHABLE: Our Strength Loops are made of machine washable polyester and latex with reinforced stitching.
• NON SLIP DESIGN: Activate and strengthen your muscles through lateral walks, hip thrusts, kickbacks, lunges, deadlifts without pinching or rolling, saving you the hassle of having to adjust your band. The Strength Loops are enhanced with a non-slip technology to ensure the band stays in place and prevents slipping or rolling during your workout.

The COREFX equipment is all about you, so you can get in the best shape of your life using it!

Since its inception, COREFX has been bringing together people who are passionate about keeping their bodies fit and healthy. You can strengthen your muscles, build endurance, and burn calories right in the comfort of your own backyard when you use our equipment.

Get a great workout with added stability thanks to Strength Loops. Order yours ASAP!

2 reviews for Strength Loops

  1. Jason

    This is amazing ! I’ve been looking for this everywhere. I’m loving it for my clients ! There is so much that can be done with this band. It doesn’t ride up on the legs like some of the issues with the other bands I’ve had from other companies. It holds in place and has more resistance that is leaving my clients legs and abs burning! Just had a few of my people place orders with you guys, keep em coming

  2. Sarah Gregan

    Hands down the best circle band I have ever used! The regular issues you hear of with other bands are not an issue here. It doesn’t slide and the tightness of the band is consistent over time. I love to use this band as a leg warm up for myself and also to teach clients how to activate their glute muscles. I will continue to recommend this product!

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