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Stackable Foam Plyobox

Nothing can add variety to your home gym like a stackable plyobox. Improve your speed, strength, and agility with the COREFX Stackable Plyobox! Save time with these Stackable Plyoboxes that provide a soft landing surface for your feet taking the shock out of your jump! These boxes are perfect for CrossFit, boot camp, or functional training-type workouts! Ease shock & decreases stress on ankles, knees & hips while providing a firm exterior for explosive plyometric movements. This Plyobox is great for improving your functional fitness levels, and allows you to stack the plyoboxes to 6” 12” and 20” for a customized workout. Each box has a self-fastening strip so they can be stacked and secured together. *Plyobox heights sold separately.

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The Stackable Plyobox offers three different heights with no complicated adjustments required so you can experience a versatile workout free of hassle. Our Plyobox is sold individually, as the 3 different heights can be used both stacked as well as on their own. The 6” Plyobox can be used for rehab exercises to help improve balance & strength. The 12” can be used for a variation of exercises such as step ups, progression jumps to correct form and much more. Lastly the 20” can be used for your generic Plyobox jump to help increase explosive power.
Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete, trainer, or just looking to get stronger, the Stackable Foam Plyobox will help you reach your goals. A great tool for jumping and air time! Use them during Crossfit workouts, WODS, the Vertical Jump test, and more!
close up stitching on the COREFX stackable plyo box
Athlete in the gym stacking up the stackable foam plyo box
and Durable
The Stackable Foam Plyobox features an ultra-dense foam core, covered with heavy-duty vinyl, making it perfect for transporting your outdoor gear. Its heavy-duty velcro straps on all four sides ensure no slipping when stacked.
athlete performing plyo box exercise with the stackable plyo box
Full Body
This Plyobox allows you to incorporate a wide range of full body exercises into your workout that target your shoulders, arms, chest, ABS, glutes and legs; to help strengthen and improve your overall core stability.
Female athlete doing a explosive workout with the stackable plyo box


Exercise Tool

The Plyobox jump is a stress jumper that is very demanding on the metabolic system. Plyobox jumps help improve the explosive strength of the athlete, making this exercise a great addition to your training!

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The COREFX Stackable Plyobox is a staple item of any studio/gym as it allows you to customize your workout and adjust on the fly, simply rotate the Plyobox to your desired height for more challenging and demanding workouts!

Plyobox jumps are very demanding on the metabolic system, making this movement a great exercise to incorporate in your training!

The COREFX Stackable Plyobox combines safety, versatility, and space-saving efficiency! This Plyobox allows you to incorporate a wide range of full body exercises into your workout that target your shoulders, arms, chest, ABS, glutes and legs; to help strengthen and improve your overall core stability.

**Perfect for CrossFit WODS, vertical jump training, step-ups, dips, decline push-ups and more!

With over 10 years of experience, COREFX helps people live healthier lifestyles. Not just machines, but everything you need!

COREFX cares about you. Everything we do is about your results. With our fitness equipment, you can get in the best shape of your life from the comfort of your own home!

Compatible with all kinds of workouts, this product is a must-have for any athlete. Order yours ASAP!


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